About DeRenzis & Associates, LLP
About Us

Our Business is built on three massive pillars

DeRenzis & Associates, LLP has over 35 years of experience specializing in Agriculture accounting, both dairy and farming. We provide services of financial statements, including reviews and compilations, income tax preparation, estate planning, breakeven analysis (based on per CWT.) and projections, payroll services and general accounting services.

Our firm’s main focus is to provide our clients with timely and accurate financial information. We take pride on building relationships with our clients that last. Our success as a firm derives solely from our client’s continuous success. Our firm is committed to providing our clients with the personal attention and focus on their business that they deserve. It is also our goal to work closely with our client’s lending institution. Your loan officer and lending institutions understanding and receiving of your financial information in a timely matter is a major part of your dairy’s success.


Experience matters. With over 35 years of CPA agriculture experience, we specialize in providing comprehensive accounting services to all clients while focusing on Agriculture (including dairy & farming). Beyond providing expert accounting services, we are passionate about helping clients use technology to achieve their goals. We enjoy bridging the gap between business & technology for clients, helping them to develop efficient & effective financial systems with our wide range of services.

Agriculture & Dairy Expertise

Agriculture has been a thriving part of our firm for almost four decades. Like you, we value and respect America’s agricultural traditions and the hardworking people who keep them strong. Because the business of agriculture is like no other, our CPA services are designed to address your unique needs and help you grow. Our experience includes services to dairies, farming and ranching, commodity brokers, mutual ditch companies and many others.

Strong Relationships

We earn trust to build enduring relationships. At DeRenzis & Associates, LLP, we believe that our clients and partners are people, not organizations. Furthermore, our business engagements are relationships, not transactions. We believe that by building strong relationships founded on trust, we can best guarantee our clients' success. How do we establish that trust? We take the time to get to know you and to learn what matters the most to you and your success!