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It's comments like these that make it all worthwhile
Your testimonials mean the world to us, its the kind of selfless goodwill that feels like a pat on the back and makes all the hard work worthwhile. Many "Thanks" go out to all the individuals that took the time to write to us to express thier gratitude for a job well done, and of course to the staff at DeRenzis & Associates, LLP that made it happen. Thank you!

D & J Dairy
Doug Benson, Hereford, Texas

We have enjoyed working with DeRenzis & Associates, LLP for the past 10+ years. We have been in the dairy business for over 30 years and no other accounting firm comes close to this firm; they are the best by far. They are respectful, professional and most important, always on time with our financial information and tax estimate. Their knowledge and understanding of the dairy industry truly shows in our meetings. They have earned our business repeatedly.

T & T Cattle
Greg Troost, Parma, Idaho

It has been over 15 years since I transferred my accounting records to DeRenzis & Associates, LLP. Since the first day, my account has been handled with a superior level of professionalism and honesty. My financial statements, tax estimate and documents are always exceptional and timely. Whether I have a tax question or a QuickBooks issue, every time I call someone is there to answer my question or spend time to help me with my computer. They are willing to put forth the effort and time that my dairy needs to succeed.

Goeser Dairy, LLC
Brian, Patrick & Craig Goeser, New Plymouth, Wisconsin

When working with DeRenzis & Associates, LLP, their balance sheets and costs of production reports are very thorough and accurate. Their analysis of our business plans and suggestions on improving our dairy's profitability is extremely helpful. They are also always available and offer suggestions or comments when we have questions or new ideas. They also communicate very well with our lending institutions and loan officer.

Flat Land Dairy and Sugar Lane Dairy
Michael Visser, Payne, Ohio

DeRenzis & Associates, LLP is an accounting firm my family has counted on for several years. From the origination and proposal of my dairy, they inspired confidence in me and my lending institution. Their financial statements, cashflow/breakeven analysis and tax estimates are always on time and keep me on top of my numbers. Their communication skills in explaining the financial statement is always appreciated and always done in person. They take the time to call my loan officer and answer any questions after a financial statement is prepared. With the fluctuations in costs in today’s current market, it is important that my dairy has an accounting firm that my family can trust and always depend on.